Custom Woodworks & Mfg. in San Carlos, Ca prides itself in manufacturing the highest quality custom cabinetry in the business. Due to the investment we have in cabinet making equipment run on Windows software, we have the ability to sculpt you the finest custom cabinetry in a classic European fashion at a price no one else can match. 
    How does European manufacturing differ from other standard cabinet manufacturing? Standard cabinet makers use screws to hold their cabinets together. Over time and with use, these screws can shimmy loose causing the cabinets to fall apart or worse, off the wall entirely.
    Our cabinets made in a European fashion are all doweled, glued, and placed in a cabinet press for 15 to 20 minutes. This ensures strength and durability over a very long period of time. It is also been proven to be far more earthquake-proof than standard cabinets held together with wood screws. Quicker, no. Safer, yes.
    Other cabinet makers may quote lead times of over 3 months. We rarely quote customers more than 6 weeks. 

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